The CTO is sauntering down the hallway. You quietly pray he’s not coming to your desk. For one moment you think he’s going to pass… Nope. He’s behind you. And he wants a status update on the project. Your project. The one you are responsible for. Crud muffins.

You could give your deer in the headlights look. You know he loves that. You could start muttering incomprehensibly. You might confuse him enough to make him go away. (Hint: Use lots of buzzwords that don’t mean anything.) Or even better, you could use your standard scapegoat excuse. He’ll believe that the Product Manager hasn’t been giving your team requirements, right?

Oh wait. The Product Manager just walked up to overhear the status update to the CTO. You feel the sweat drip down your forehead. Have they noticed yet?

excuse-dieIf this situation sounds familiar, you clearly need this latest Kickstarter. Not a game per se, but it will definitely get you out of some sticky situations. If you had these dice, you would have rolled before the CTO got there. Now you know what to do!

“The developers are dealing with a large number of bugs at the moment due to insufficient resources.”

Hey, that sounded pretty good! Those dice really work! Did he buy it?

solution-dieHe’s making a face. That can’t be good. The Product Manager looks exasperated. The CTO finally speaks and asks what the mitigation plan is. Err… Mitigation plan?!?

Good thing you sprung for that extra solution dice! The excuse worked well enough, let’s give this a shot!

“I believe we can deal with the problem by switching the team to Agile. The Agile process is designed to compensate for problems like these.”

The solution!

Your boss nods and complements you for good thinking and promises you a budget for trainers. The Product Manager mutters a “finally” and walks off. You have no idea what you said or why it worked so well, but you’ve kept your job for now. Where would you be without these amazing dice?

Now that you think of it, maybe you should have backed a second set. Just in case…

Color versions of the excuse dice
Now in living color!