c9cc39e03ef337fc8d3049aca8e10cd1_originalOk, I didn’t expect this. I never imagined that Gamelyn would wake up one day and think, “You know what, Tiny Epic Kingdoms isn’t small enough. Make it smaller!”

Given how small Tiny Epic Kingdoms (TEK) already is, making it smaller is utterly ridiculous. But they did it anyway.

I love these guys.

As insane as it seems, surprisingly there is a method to the Tiny Epic Madness.

It seems that Gamelyn has decided the current form factor is too difficult to get into wide retail distribution. Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms (UTEK) is intended to compete directly with the little card games you find near the checkout counter. Except the text on this one reads, “Card game? Think again!” with pictures of a wooden tower and cubes next to it.

It’s an interesting strategy Gamelyn is trying here. They believe that by shrinking the game down to Empire Engine size, they can entice the average shopper with the promise of more game than your typical card game offers. The use of a playing card tuckbox instead of a typical two-piece box means the form factor is the same. Yet this game boasts 70 cubes (!) and a tower meeple in addition to the 24 cards. All for an MSRP of $10.

These guys are full of genius

If this works, it will mean that the Tiny Epic Strategy of replacing large game components like boards, tiles, and hexes with cleverly printed playing cards is paying off. Not just for the wildly successful Tiny Epic campaigns (last Kickstarter raised just shy of $500,000!), but in the flexibility Gamelyn has in positioning these games in the market.

Gamelyn has stated that the “Ultra” concept won’t work for all of their games. Tiny Epic Galaxies (TEG), for example, is probably as small as it’s going to get. But they did point out that their analysis of Tiny Epic Defenders (TED) found it to be shrinkable. Which might be quite the coup given that many TEK backers missed the TED Kickstarter campaign by waiting for TEK to prove it would ship.

So why should I back Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms?

To be perfectly honest, you probably shouldn’t. What you should do is find a copy of Tiny Epic Kingdoms 2nd Edition (if you don’t already have it!) and play the heck out of it. But taking that path would require backer sanity. Us Tiny Epic Fans checked sanity at the door.

So here’s my Top 10 list of reasons to get it anyway:

  • You currently have the 1st Edition and want the solo play support
  • These make good Birthday/Christmas/Whatever gifts for friends
  • A deluxe copy is required to complete your Tiny Epic Collection
  • A 10 pack in the retail P.O.P. box is required to complete your collection
  • A 10 pack of deluxe content in retail P.O.P. box is… you get the idea
  • It’s cool to show off to your gaming friends
  • UTEK is easier to pop in your shirt pocket for gaming over office lunch
  • Attractive members of the opposite sex will suddenly notice you (good luck!)
  • You don’t care what Gamelyn produces as long as they stamp “Tiny Epic” on it
  • The form factor is so cuuuuuuuuttteeee!!! I gotta have it! Gimme! Gimme!

If any of those reasons convinced you to back UTEK, then go back it right now. Seriously. Don’t wait. The Kickstarter campaign is only 7 days long! If you don’t back it as soon as you read this, you’ll probably miss it!



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